4 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Lutheran Sunday School Classes


Parents constantly worry about their children and their future. Most of them constantly invest in their children's future by sending them to private schools or enrolling them in extracurricular activities. One way to add value to your child's future is by enrolling them in Lutheran Sunday school classes. These schools offer a unique environment that helps children grow academically, socially, and spiritually. Here are four ways your child can benefit from Lutheran Sunday school classes:

1 November 2022

Online Church Meetings Are A Good Way To Get Spiritual Nourishment When You're Homebound


If you find it difficult to get to church on Sunday mornings, or if you take care of an elderly parent who is no longer mobile, then attending online church meetings could be the ideal solution. They're much more convenient than going in person, and you'll still be able to participate in the services in your own way and receive spiritual nourishment. Here's a look at how you can attend online church meetings.

10 August 2022