How Online Sermons Can Grow Your Church Congregation


The world has become a digital world, and churches should take advantage of the available tools to propagate the gospel effectively. The internet has created an avenue to spread the word of God beyond church walls, and this has helped congregations reach more people online. Online sermons are a great way to reach more patrons outside the sanctuary, and it's also a fantastic tool to grow your church.  Increased Reach

8 December 2023

3 Tips To Find A New Church In A New City


Did you recently move to a new city? If so, this is probably a busy and exciting time. You may be busy settling into your new neighborhood, meeting friends, and possibly starting a new job. One item on your list may be to find a new church in your new city. If you're like many churchgoers, attending worship service is an important part of your weekly routine. It may help you stay grounded in your faith and connect with like-minded individuals.

5 July 2023